The Halloween Hero Theme Song

We Love Halloween

More Kids Music from Mr. Halloweenster

Great Halloween songs for kids evoke the spirit of the orange holiday. Kids Halloween songs usually help spark the imagination by conjuring-up classic Halloween characters and images: spooky scenery, silly costumes, trick-or-treaters, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, haunted houses. The best younger kids Halloween songs shouldn't be scary, but should tell a story about what (or who) makes Halloween so great.

"We Love Halloween" the theme song of the kids Halloween movie "Mr. Halloweenster" a timeless kids Halloween song that's great for kids of all ages:

Kids Halloween Songs

Of course there are lots of other great kids Halloween songs:

  • Halloween by Ron Brown
  • Onyx the Cat by Pam Minor
  • Old Witch by Ken Lonnquist
  • A Pirate's Life by Pam Minor
  • Five Little Pumpkins by Raffi
  • Creature Teacher by Mr. Billy
  • Skeleton Stomp by Pam Minor
  • Flicker the Ghost by Pam Minor
  • A Pumpkin Sigh by Linda Brown
  • Frankenstein by Laura Freeman
  • Goosebumps by Katherine Dines
  • Spooky Dance by Rebecca Frezza
  • Pumpkins, Beware by Steve Blunt
  • Old Haunted House by Pam Minor
  • Halloween Day by Listen and Learn
  • Witches and Wizards by Pam Minor
  • Maybe the Monster by Justin Roberts
  • Daddy's Little Pumpkin by John Prine
  • All the Candy I'll Eat by Listen and Learn
  • Monsters in the Bathroom by Bill Harley
  • Another Halloween Night by Janet Sirett
  • Hey, Hey It's Halloween by Two of a Kind
  • The Boogey Woogey Man by Marla Lewis
  • Costumes On Parade by Listen and Learn
  • Say Boo! By The Piano Lady, Wendy Rollin
  • Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat by Sue Schnitzer
  • This Holiday is Halloween by Two of a Kind
  • Boo Who by Pam Minor and Karen Rupprecht
  • Oh, My Darlin' Pumpkintine by David Polansky
  • Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet by Monty Harper
  • The Horrible, Hungry (Ex-) Beast by Steve Blunt
  • Jack-O-Lantern by Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
  • A Good Disguise by Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
  • A Haunted House byLinda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
  • The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel by Judy Pancoast
  • The Boogie Woogie Pumpkin Man by The Piano Lady, Wendy Rollin
  • Jump Down, Turn Around, Pick Yourself a Pumpkin by Earthlings Electric Washboard Band