Mr. Halloweenster Saves the Day

Kids Halloween Movies

In his first kids Halloween video (2012), Mr. Halloweenster goes from helping the kids with their Halloween costumes to rescuing them after they get turned into candy-kooky zombies.



The best Halloween movies for kids have a timeless quality. Kids Halloween movies shouldn't be too frightening but should provide classic Halloween characters and images: eerie sights and sounds, costumed trick-or-treaters, pumpkins, and mysterious people and places. The soundtrack and theme song for kids Halloween movies, like most films, are critical components. This is particularly true for kids Halloween movies because they can't rely on the literary or visual devices that are commonly used in films for older audiences. The best young kids Halloween movies tell a story about what (or who) makes Halloween so great, and remind those who are still young at heart, of the wonderful memories from past Halloweens: the excitement and fun of costume parties; Halloween parades; bobbing for apples; pumpkin carving; and trick-or-treating.

"Mr. Halloweenster," a new classic kids Halloween movie that's great for 4 year-olds and up, is about a hero who helps kids celebrate Halloween by showing them what really makes it such a great day is their creativity and imagination. The story begins the day before Halloween with Mr. Halloweenster at his swap shop helping a group of kids who still need costumes, so they can trick-or-treat and march in the Halloween parade. Just when the Halloween fun is about to begin, the Junkvittles Candy Company gives away its new "Tricky Treats" candy, which turn kids into "Candy Kookies" who forget about the parade and their costumes. It seems that Halloween is going to be ruined, but thanks to some creative thinking, along with a little luck and Halloween magic, Mr. Halloweenster breaks the Candy Kookies spell with healthy treats, and the kids have the best Halloween ever.

Of course there are lots of other great young kids Halloween movies:

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